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Becky is Someone who is so selfless for the needs of those around her with the humility of a saint.  I speak of a woman who would lay down her life for a stranger, considered by the ignorant an alien to this country. Even Her home is a place for those seeking refugee until the storm passes. She will always provide a voice for those with no voice. 

Becky has worked at the St Augustine’s Centre which supports people seeking sanctuary, they provide a holistic service offering advice and support, integration support, community lunches, English classes, arts and sports activities and ultimately provides a safe place for people to come together learn from and share with one another. She started volunteering there in 2007 and is now the head of Support and Immigration.

If God was to choose someone to join a team to solve homelessness for all peoples, it would have Becky in it! We are blessed to have her on board as a CIC Director. 

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