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Tom passionately believes that people are Earth’s greatest treasure, so as a film maker strives to create films that convey the value and beauty of life. His company Faith + Bones was founded in 2012 after Tom recognised the powerful impact of storytelling through film.  He has worked with a variety of clients both in the UK and internationally, and in the charitable and corporate sector, applying storytelling principles to meet specific needs.

Tom has a love for real life stories and has ventured into his own passion projects over the years. He has developed and screen-written a TV series pilot, created 52Humans - a Covid-19 lockdown project

producing a short film on humanity once a week for almost a year, and more recently worked on a 30 minute documentary called The Sanctuary Seekers of Bradford, which is currently being submitted to film festivals.


Tom has a massive heart for not just his incredible family but those who need support and care. He is a real asset to “the homeless pastors CIC” and we are privileged that he can get involved.

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