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We offer an-depth training program for Homeless Pastors that tackles the key issues that rough sleepers face in order to help them turn their lives around. Based on three areas - Bible training, service and community. Once a delegate has completed this training, they become an accredited Homeless Pastor and join our support network.

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Having a robust understanding of The Gospel and to clearly articulate it is central to what we do. Through the Leeds School of Theology, we provide sound theological training that inspires and equips you to engage with those on the margins in a way that looks and loves like Jesus.


The course, will include passionate teaching which fuses together Biblical studies, theological reflection, interviews with people with lived experience, cultural analysis, historical case studies and cutting edge research on addiction and trauma to inspire and equip the church to engage with those on the margins. Topics include...

Building Community


Leading Accessible worship for vulnerable adults

Why the Hell do Bad Things Happen?

Addiction and Recovery

Helping without Hurting

Trauma: Hope for healing


Vision and Values of Healthy Theology

Missional Theology for the Margins

Justice and the Heart of God

The Image of God

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We provide practical training on how to effectively minister to and build relationships with the homeless. This section of the training will focus on the following issues.


Effective street ministry

Building relationships

Understanding and dealing with drug misuse & recovery

Delivering First Aid

Health and safety training

How to stay safe on the streets

Maintaining healthy boundaries

Safeguarding adults

Networking with local homeless organisations

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Community is key to getting people re-integrated into society. We give extensive training on how to set up a community group known as Light Groups. This tried and tested model of community group creates a caring environment that gives people the tools they need to get their lives back on track. 


Networking and building relationships with leaders from local churches and charities

How to build a team of volunteers

Group work and activities

Setting up and running a Light Group

Discipling those on the margins

Understanding faith & the recovery journey

Volunteering, training and work activities

Fundraising and bid writing

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Once you have completed all three stages of the training, you graduate to become a registered Homeless Pastor. You join our nationwide family and network of Homeless Pastors supporting each other with prayer and guidance on a daily basis. You will be recognised as working with an organisation of excellence and experience whilst supporting rough sleepers. 

You will also receive continued practical support and training as you embark on the adventure of ministering to the homeless in your community.



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